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Proletariat Kitchen is the product of years of late-night plotting, combined with trying to eat well for very little.

Why “proletariat”?

It started as an inside joke because, despite working hard and leaving behind a graveyard of businesses, we can only laugh about our inability to take control of some means of production.

Part of it has to do with Vlad’s conviction that even though money is tight, that’s no reason to eat bad food. In fact, it’s the main reason to eat food that’s good for you, and good-tasting too. Delicious meals make you strong, and ready to think!

Another part of it is, after traveling the world for a few years, he and Jewel realized that much of the world is not so conflicted over what to eat and how much it costs. Workers all over the world have access to delicious lunches at work, but in North America, sad desk lunches and bland cafeteria fare are the norm. You work hard every day – you deserve a tasty, filling meal.

The idea of affordable meals, prepared simply, seems to be revolutionary in this age of food-porn monstrosities (kale pho or bucket-sized caesars, anyone?).

You know what else is revolutionary? Having great street food in Ottawa at all!

So get in line, and let’s unite through good food.

Our Mission

Our Mission

  1. To provide the hardworking people of Ottawa with a simple, delicious option for lunch to get them through the workday.
  2. To provide simple, inexpensive meals to Ottawa’s student population, who’ve got a lot on their plates without having to worry about scraping by too.
  3. We don’t play with weird taste combos for the sake of novelty. From the beginning, the world’s workers have enjoyed with simple cuisines that reflect their home and values.

Our Menu

Our Menu

You might know them as pierogies – dumplings filled with meat and potato.

There are so many variations on this beloved food throughout Eastern Europe and the former USSR. But we just keep it simple!

Russians and Ukrainians know them as two different things: vareniki with potato inside, and pelmeni with meat inside.

Choose your Meal:
filled with
Pork and Beaf
filled with
Potato and Cheddar
Boss’ Portion
Your choice of vareniki or pelmeni with 3 extra pieces
Check the board for weekly specials!
Student price with ID: $6 per meal, $8 for a Boss’ portion
Choose your topping:
with smetana and green onions
No Extra
Payday Treat
with smetana, green onions
and crispy bacon
Add $1
  • Juice cans$2
  • Pop cans$1.5
  • Water$1
All prices include HST

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